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Since our very first opening in Hamburg, 2002, we have grown to over 155 restaurants in Europe, the Americas, Australia and Africa.

A key element of our success over the past 22 years has been working with exceptional partners around the world.

If you’re interested in becoming a partner, or  keen to know more about us, read on and we’ll tell you a bit about ourselves, the territories we’re keen to explore, and the search for the kind of people we like to work with.

Why Franchise Vapiano?

We’re a globally successful restaurant group, with financial and estate growth over the last 22 years.
We specialise in fresh, quality Italian inspired dishes led by our handmade fresh pasta (several shapes made in-house daily) fresh pizza, and classic salads.

Run by a solid, experienced management team, and backed by supportive industry icons as shareholders.

Our chefs cook all meals in our trademark open kitchens, using only the finest quality ingredients.
We live in the era of personalisation – we pioneered this, when we started in 2002.
Every dish is cooked to-order and can be personalised exactly how you like it.
Extra cheese? Sure. No Garlic? No problem.

All restaurants, from our 10k sq ft to 3.5sq ft around the world, from bustling city centre districts, to shopping malls and a mix of both residential and tourist areas, all share one thing in common –  that unique Vapiano feeling of light and open space when you walk in.

There’s no place like it.

From our oak sharing tables decorated with fresh herb plants, relaxing lounge areas, outside sunshine terraces, and an impressive open kitchen with stations for fresh pasta, pizza and insalata.

Our guests are welcome to sit where they like and stay as long as they choose – this flexibility and freedom is a key driver for guests  (particularly Alpha and Gen Z) demanding autonomy in their dining experience.

The guest journey of ordering, has evolved as we focus on a digital first solution for order and pay via QR codes in many of our global locations leading to higher guest satisfaction, and invaluable commercial insights.

Our demographic is culturally diverse and while we’re massively popular with student and young workers, we’re also loved by families, solo diners, sports and music celebrities, all sharing the love of quality fresh food in a well designed restaurant, with great music, welcomed by our friendly teams.

Partnering with us, you not only access one of the strongest brands in the industry, you access:

  • Global network of franchise partners with years of experience with Vapiano
  • We provide complete templates, packs, guides such as (but not limited to)
    Design and build
    Purchasing team
    Food and receipes manual plus NPD access for support.
    Marketing team for content, collateral, guides
    A full working website and support
    Global brand management platform access for reviews and responses
    Regular newsletter brand updates
    Full global support office access at all times

Franchise Requirements

We have learnt many things in our time of global growth – and one important factor is that each new city, region or country presents its own opportunities and challenges.

The key to success absolutely lies with the people who lead Vapiano into the new areas.  That is why we devote so much attention to attracting and choosing partners whose personal and professional qualities will make sure that the proven Vapiano brand does not get lost in translation.

Rather than looking for pure investment partners, we place importance on building log term partnerships strengthened by the expertise and special knowledge of both franchisor and franchisee:

  • Vapiano brings a successful, internationally proven growth concept, which promises great chances for success when implemented systematically;
  • The franchisee brings their entrepreneurial skills,  knowledge of the local business and cultural climate,  personal network and contacts, and last but not least their personality, all of which are essential to ensuring success of the franchise in the chosen territory.

This leads to the following personal characteristics which we look for in a franchisee:

A clear passion for Vapiano- you really have to love what we do.

Visionary and entrepreneurial thinking


Positive leadership and motivational skills

Team-oriented attitude – People make Vapiano

Hands-on approach and the ability to quickly acquire new knowledge

Willingness and ability to work as an entrepreneur and at the same time to be part of a larger system

Well-established network of local partners, authorities and opinion leaders for support and guidance

Keen understanding of the local culture

Desire and ability to build up a successful brand in your market

Solid background in business development

Operational experience in hospitality

Our Investment

A proven and successful restaurant business

An internationally recognized brand

A unique corporate identity with growing international recognition

Long-term growth perspective with 20-year contracts

Outstanding product quality and value

A modern and stylish design by world-famous architects

Professional support in location scouting and evaluation

Professional support in construction, recruitment and training, marketing and all areas necessary for a sound entrepreneurial structure

A dedicated international marketing concept

Continuous system improvements

A trustworthy and helpful franchisor committed to transparency and partnership

Available Territories

We make careful and continuous analysis of potential markets around the world.

The following is a list of the countries which we have an interest in. There are many other promising markets for our brand, but for now, this is where our focus is.

If you are keen to introduce Vapiano to a country not on this list, then we either already have a partner, or we are not currently looking to open there, meaning we won’t be considering applications for those regions at this time.

If you are still interested at a later date, you might look again to see if your preferred country has been added to the list. In the case that it has been added, you will be able to immediately begin with your online application.

Canada / China / Cyprus /Denmark /  Finland / Greece / Hong Kong / Indonesia / Ireland / Italy / Japan / New Zealand / Norway / Malta / Phillipines / Portugal / Russia / Singapore / South Africa / Thailand / Turkey / USA / Vietnam

Legal Disclaimer

Please note, that as a Franchisee you are an independent entrepreneur in legal and economic terms. You will act on your own behalf, for your own account and at your own risk. The Franchisor is not liable for any success and viability and gives no warranties in this respect. You are not entitled to bind, or act on behalf of, the Franchisor. Whenever acting in any business transaction as an independent entrepreneur, you have to make your status recognizable by stating that you are the owner of the business.