Meet Vapiano

The home of fresh pasta!
The way you can personalise your meal, handmade fresh pasta, pizza, sauces, dressings and dolci, the spacious, beautiful restaurant design, the fact you sit where you like and stay as long as you want, all create the laid back vibes we’re known and loved for, and what makes Vapiano one of  *the* places to go.

The word Vapiano doesn’t actually exist. We created it from an old Italian proverb – “Chi va piano, va sano e va lontano”:  which, when translated means  “If you have an easy-going and relaxed approach to life, you’ll live healthily and longer” and no matter how busy our days, we always aim to maintain this ethos.

The first Vapiano opened on  22nd of October, 2002 in Hamburg, Germany.

Two years later, the founders decided to set Vapiano on a world tour and today there are over 155 franchise restaurants across 32 countries


Austria, Australia, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Bosnia, Chile, Columbia, Czech Republic, Dubai, Estonia., Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Kosovo (opening soon), Kuwait, La Reunion, Latvia, Lithuania, Mexico, Netherlands, Poland, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Slovakia, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK and USA.

When it comes to food, fresh pasta is at the heart of what we do.
A choice of handmade shapes from Fusilli to Campanelle to Linguine and Tagliatelle are made fresh using the finest durum wheat semolina  and water in each restaurant every single day.
When you visit, you must try the guest favourite, Gamberetti e Spinaci or our classic Carbonara!

We also specialise in quality handmade Pizzas, Antipasti, exceptional salads and homemade dolci.

Our guests are welcome to sit where they like and stay as long as they choose – this flexibility and freedom is one of the many reasons we are loved around the world.

Our guest journey of ordering, has evolved from the original chip card, as we focus on a digital first solution for order and pay via QR codes in many of our global locations leading to higher guest satisfaction.


We are the holder of the Guinness World Record for ‘Italian Kiss’ which we held in Templehof, Berlin 6 July 2023
Brand collaborations have included French rappers Soolking including his Suavamente video (282M views to date) and French icon, Soprano on a menu collaboration. 

Live music events in UK are run by SBTV and we host global running clubs under our ‘Eat Pasta Run Fasta’ campaign.

We celebrate World Pasta Day (25 October) each year. Keep an eye on our socials for the new campaign.

Solo dining as a social and cultural move, is on the rise, and we pioneered a new global ‘Solo Dining Day’ on April 16th starting 2024.

Our Food

At the heart of what we do is a dedication to quality ingredients and dishes personalized exactly as our guests like it.
Extra cheese? Sure. No garlic? No problem.

When it comes to choice, handmade fresh pasta is what we’re loved for.
We have around 14 fresh pasta dishes ready for you to make your own, including our iconic Gamberetti e Spinachi and core classics Carbonara, Bolognese, and all’Arrabbiata.
Pasta shapes are made fresh, daily, from Linguine to Penne to Campanelle

Our tomato sauce, the staple of our pasta and pizza, is sourced from luscious tomatoes grown in Emilia Romangna each season. Our pesto? Made fresh daily in the restaurant.
We top it off with Grana Padano, and fresh herb pots on each table to boost those flavours –all part of the Vapiano experience.

Gluten-free options – Gnocchi or Risotto, and handmade Zoodles are both popular. With plenty of vegetarian and vegan options too –there is always something for everyone

Pizza is quality handmade dough (some markets use a light sourdough) including kids pizza we shape into a rabbit or fish for entertainment.

When it comes to Antipasti, our garlic breads and bruschetta steal the show, alongside homemade soups and grilled limone chicken skewers.



Our History

The first Vapiano opened on  22nd of October, 2002 in Hamburg, Germany.

Two years later, the founders decided to set Vapiano on a world tour and today there are over 155 restaurants across 32 countries including Austria, Australia, Bahrain, Columbia, Dubai, France, Hungary, UK, Lithuania, Netherlands, Poland, Qatar, Romania, Spain, and more.

Basically, wherever you travel, you’re pretty much guaranteed to get yourself an exceptional Vapiano bowl of pasta.

Our Team

International leadership team for a successful future!

The Love & Food Restaurant Holding s.r.o. was set up by a hand-picked group of successful European restaurateurs and hoteliers to take over the Vapiano business:

Henry McGovern
Co-founder of Mcwin and former long-time CEO of the AmRest group of restaurants

Steve Winegar
Co-founder of McWin and a successful international businessman

Sinclair Beecham
Co-founder of Pret a Manger

Vincent van der Valk
Leading Dutch hotelier and exclusive Vapiano area developer for the Netherlands and Belgium

Gregor Gerlach
Vapiano co-founder and owner of the Seaside Hotel Group

Mario C. Bauer
Former Board Member of Vapiano and serial entrepreneur


Between them, all shareholders have unique track records in the hospitality industry and have made it their mission to lead Vapiano back to its rightful place among the top European fast-casual restaurant businesses


Andrew Walker, Executive Chairman
Andrew has a unique set of skills in hospitality, and digitalisation, gained from 13 years at Deloitte & Touche and thereafter 12 years at Pret a Manger. Most recently he was 4 years as CEO of Eat. where he led the turnaround of that brand.

Monika Cyz, Chief Operations Officer 
Monika brings with her a wealth of experience, most recently as President of Pizza Hut in AmRest with over 440 restaurants across Europe

Hassan Mechmechani, Chief Franchise Officer
Hassan brings huge Vapiano know-how after several years within the business as well as great experience in international franchising

Lizzy Johnson, Chief Guest Officer
Experience within consumer focussed food and beverage industries, and digital aggregators, within a multitude of international markets.  Working with Vapiano International and a member of the UK Board.

Alan Laughlin, Chief Financial Officer
Over 19 years’ experience leading franchise and equity businesses of Fast Casual, QSR and Casual Dining restaurants as CEO, President and CFO in both Europe and the USA.



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